Go Insta

That looks to be the name being given to Instagram's unconfirmed live video feature! Live video looks like it will integrate with Stories, and thus only stick around for 24 hours. Live video is clearly a great tool, but do you have the resources to create great live content?

The Pin Collective

Pinterest are doing the hard work for you. The Pin Collective is a direct bridge between brands and content creators to ensure you receive a quality partnership. Content creators are kept up to date with best-practice, new features and Pinterest insights.

Highly Recommended

LinkedIn have reshuffled your endorsement pack. Endorsements are now shown in relevance order to a viewer based on their industry and knowledge of your skills. Endorsements made by mutual colleagues, connections and people knowledgeable about that particular skill will also show up first. A great re-organising job by LinkedIn to help you get a job!

Snapchat Documentaries

Would you watch a documentary on Snapchat? We'll find out soon as PBS is set to release two 6 minute documentaries on the rapidly expanding social network. Running for 24 hours, and being tied into the second half of a NowThis News edition, this small step towards longer video will be watched closely by the rest of the industry.

Facebook Faster

Facebook have just introduced an update to help them reach their next billion users! Users reliant on slow and patchy connections will now see posts from a ready-made cache of relevant posts, with Facebook also live-updating their feed - using this cache - based on what the user is currently expressing an interest in. Less lag means more time spent on Facebook!