If you haven't heard of Vero yet, let us tell you a little about it. Owned by a billionaire half-brother of the prime minister of Lebanon, it was for its first three years a small community of comic lovers. After recent changes to Instagram's algorithms, many businesses and bloggers were fed up with their declining reach. Having to pay to reach fans was something they hoped would remain a Facebook trait. Combine those pains with Instagram's 2016 switch over to a non-chronological timeline, the social media landscape was ripe for a brave newcomer. Vero is now marketing itself as the antidote to the data-mining, pay per click, anxiety-creating, spam-filled traditional networks. Their campaign timing couldn't have been better. They have grown from roughly 200,000 followers to over 3 million in the space of a few weeks. They aim to keep the service profitable through eventually charging a monthly subscription for use - a plan that has been delayed whilst they take advantage of the wave of new sign-ups. We've seen many creative accounts from Instagram join the service, but also complain about bugs. We will be watching closely to see if it can hold everyone's attention long enough to sustain it's sudden boom.