Facebook Flash

Continuing their bumpy road to achieving Snapchat-like casual and constant updates from their users, Facebook has turned to releasing copy-cat apps. Having failed with Poke and Slingshot, they're back with 'Flash' which is developed specifically for emerging markets. Starting with Brazil, it will be interesting to see how long Flash lasts. Will it be gone in a flash? Sorry.

Record Breakers

Twitter remains the chatroom of the world as proven by the ugly American election climax. Roughly 75 million tweets were sent in under 24 hours on Tuesday. Whilst Facebook ruled over the long-term interest in the election with 716 million posts across the season, Twitter was clearly the place to be on the big night. Shame about the result!

Emergency airbnb!

Partnering with the city of Seattle, airbnb aim to provide emergency shelter through their hosts. Hosts will be actively asked whether they are willing to participate in the scheme, and will be contacted directly during a time of need. A lovely example of social apps using their reach for social welfare.

TV Invasion

Facebook are slowly moving into TV advertising through apps on Apple TV and Roku. Potentially reaching consumers via their IP address, this is a significant extension of Facebook's audience network that may make traditional media buyers stand up and take notice.

Whatsapp or whatsnapp?

Messaging is becoming more and more important, with western companies trying to emulate the success of WeChat in the far east. Owning both Whatsapp and Messenger has given Facebook a slight headstart on the competition. Whatsapp's reputation as a clinical chat client may be about to change as Facebook tests a feature called Status. Statuses last just 24 hours and can involve video, text, scribbles and emojis. Sound familiar?